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aircraft radomesPre-preg Lamination

Pre-preg lamination of “solid” and “sandwich-core” aircraft components are performed in environment-controlled rooms within our facility, meeting AS9100 standards and customer specifications. Pre-preg laminates are precisely cut to size using an Eastman CNC cutting table per engineered “cut files” to assure accurate designation of laminate plies.

Various cores, grounding tabs, lightning diverters, and hardware are integrated into the lamination process per customer specifications using precise process standards.

Complete finish trim and painting of all molded components and structures are provided per customer specifications.

Commodities include radomes, SATCom domes, attachment frames, cowlings, fairings, interior components, ducting, etc.


aircraft composite partsRTM and VaRTM are two of the closed-mold processes we use to produce net-shaped molded components requiring repetitive accuracy from prototype to production. We provide product development to “build-to-print” services along with tooling design and fabrication to achieve the ultimate product satisfaction.

Commodities include De-Icing units, Aspirator Bodies, Impellers, Antennas, Structural and non-structural components, housings, instrument panels, etc.