Our close association with Prime contactors with military business has provided us the opportunity of utilizing our innovative tooling designs and building experience. Through the years we have provided tooling and parts for:

  • Missile casings, 
  • Missile bunker covers, 
  • Fuel cells for aircraft and submarines, 
  • All the flight simulators for both F-15 and F-35 programs, 
  • Ballistic protection covers
  • Multiple impellors/casings for propulsion units.

F-15 Flight Simulator


Designed, built, tooling and manufactured all of the composite parts for the one-man and two-man units including:

  • Surrounds
  • Canopies
  • Instrument panels
  • Seats
  • Windshields

Achieved by R.T.M. or vacuum injection. All parts were inspected and Q.C. approved at the Sherwood facility prior to delivery.

Turbo Propulsion Vanes And Rings

Designed the tooling to provide extremely close dimensional tolerances in order to replace the original metal components. The composition was vinyl ester resin/graphite subtrate with an additional classified material to provide the required “stealth” affect. Both vanes and rings required high density non-porosity surface for low friction properties. Final swim tests were successful in providing improved stealth, weight and cost for the U.S. Navy Seawolf program.

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Fuel Cell For Non-Manned Submarine


As a joint program with NASA/LORAL Sherwood designed the tooling and built the tanks for the program production requirements.

The unique design of the tooling provided a one piece tank with internal bulkheads necessary for withstanding external pressures and complete containment.

The vacuum assist R.T.M. process provided a complete “wetted out” composite of Graphite/Spectra well suited for “near miss”detonations.

Impellers For U.S. Navy Coastguard Vehicles


Ssuccessful conversion of metal impellers to one piece molded composite parts, providing improved corrosion properties and lower cost.

The tooling was designed for use of disposable coring with opportunity to place the glass cloth substrate into the cavities forming the internal vanes. A stainless steel hub was interwoven into the composite to provide distribution of torque loading during operation.

Materials were vinyl ester/single strand and glass cloth injected by R.T.M. process. Tooling designed to allow for complete resin flow through the integral vane passages and adequate venting for complete filling.

Composite Radar/Sonar Dome


Tooling and initial parts built to provide a dimensionally accurate shape to fit the matching base on the submarine deck.

Part was produced by R.T.M. process and with vinyl ester resin and Kevlar materials for protection against near miss detonations.

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