Our success within the industrial section of our business for the last 45 years has generated a reputation for Sherwood RTM corp. of being able to be innovative with tooling design and continually meet our customer requirements. The majority of the tooling in this section was designed for producing parts in the R.T.M. process.

Some of the many programs we have completed, of particular interest are as follows

Alternator/Generator Covers


Sherwood Corp roduced over 25,000 matching 2 piece sets using the R.T.M. process in composite tooling we designed and built.

We continue to provide these exclusively to G.E. Locomotive Div. with complete quality assurance to an expedited delivery.

Large Composite Pump Casing


An extremely complex tooling system to enable the use of high pressure R.T.M. processing for guarantee of corrosion resistance and liquid containment.

Produced 89 casings to replace the cast metal casings in pumping corrosive solutions for the electro galvanizing process.

Required extensive use of disposable cores to form the internal guide vanes and passages.

12ft Diameter Discs For Recycling Process


Tooling designed for R.T.M. processing of discs with molded in hub and locator pockets for the stringers.

Epoxy vinyl-ester resin for corrosion protection with woven cloth for operation strength.

Fan Blades


Converted from aluminum blades to provide corrosion resistance, reduced weight and cost.

The metal attachment was secured by wrapping the shaft with single strand fiberglass and injected with epoxy vinyl ester using the R.T.M. process.

Fan Housing For Off Road Equipment

Produced for the mining industry off-road equipment manufactures. R.T.M. tooling built and parts manufactured by Sherwood.

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